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Pickpawcket Tips and Tricks: Doggenheim 14 (AKA Level 34)

This is for US App Store reviewer frankster222 who gave us one of our only seven 1 star reviews stating “Fun little game. Level 34 is impossible. Deleted”. Comparatively, we have two-hundred and seventy 5 star reviews in the US … Continue reading

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Game Ideas: The Good, The Bad, and the Unreasonable

Every time an idea comes to me I write them down, but just before the end of developing a product we go through an idea round up of sorts. I spend days of creative energy looking for inspiration for game … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence – How to make Bots think.

Any simulation, any hypothesis on how real players would react in a given situation, or any assumptions we make would make the bots feel less like an everyday Joe and more like C3PO, a clunky mechanical substitution for a real person. Continue reading

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Sharing: Multiplayer game creation

The biggest difference is having the game connect to several different devices and share the same information with each device at the same time. Continue reading

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