Pickpawcket Tips and Tricks: Doggenheim 14 (AKA Level 34)

This is for US App Store reviewer frankster222 who gave us one of our only seven 1 star reviews stating “Fun little game. Level 34 is impossible. Deleted”. Comparatively, we have two-hundred and seventy 5 star reviews in the US app store. I think this is a good ratio.

This level is designed to teach you about lasers. The laser heads from top to bottom of the white wall then disappears for a few second.

For now, do like the tutorial says and avoid it. Instead you should challenge the dog.

If you head to the white wall right away, the dog will eventually pass you. Once he has it’s safe to get the gem on the right. There will be 5 or 6 seconds before he turns around again.

After you’ve gotten the gem, it’s time to get the painting at the top of the screen.

Once you get the painting, the tutorial text changes. You can fool lasers just like you can fool the dogs with the disguise! Excellent right?

There’s nothing between you, the disguise and gem. Go ahead and grab those now.

Hop through the laser with your disguise to grab the last gem. This is one of those levels where there’s no real reason to not grab all 3 gems.

Without any power-ups (besides the basic cat speed 1) I’ve gotten a cool 1998 points using this method.


There isn’t much advanced info I can give you, unless you have the gem magnet this level will always play the same.

If you DO have the gem magnet, you can shave off 2-3 seconds automatically! The first gem comes to you when you’re walking passed the dog, the second gem comes to you when you pick up the disguise. The third gem comes to you once you’ve lined yourself up for the exit.

Using the magnet, cat speed 3 and arcade cat nets me a record breaking* 2316 points!

*Better than any other Loopycubian. Seriously… beat this score and you’re better at the game than any one of us who made it.

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