Pickpawcket Tips and Tricks: Doggenheim 10

Doggenheim 10 is a toughy! What really makes it hard is the 2 criss-crossing bulldogs. As soon as the level loads you’ll want to use the TV to distract the bulldog on the lower right. Go ahead, start tapping that spot now!

 This should let you swerve around the 2 schnauzers after they turn. Pause just a second, then race up and left to get around them, then straight for the disguise. By the way, your first play through you should probably ignore the gem on the bottom right otherwise you’ll have to be really quick to snag that and get the disguise before the bulldog is free from his television addiction.

You can pre-emptively open the door at the top during that short pause you did or you can wait till you’re safely disguised like I have. Grab the gem and painting and wait up against the top wall until the top bulldog is near a TV.

 As long as you haven’t waited too long, when the bulldog gets to the top right TV, the schnauzers should be safely away from the center of the screen. Use the top right TV and race down towards the exit!

Here’s my score when I ignored the bottom right gem and used no power-ups.


Getting that bottom right gem is a matter of being REALLY fast. It will take a few tries!

Once you have the disguise and at least cat speed 1, and if you’re brave, it can last long enough to get you to the exit! Don’t wait, just RUN!

Not waiting for the 2nd bulldog to reach the TV, using all my power-ups and grabbing the gem scores me a hot 2295 points. I’m sure I can get that up to 2300 with a few more tries or power-ups!

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