Pickpawcket Tips and Tricks: Doggenheim 6

Doggenheim 6 at its base is a level that tests the player’s patience. It has 2 optional gems that can be tricky to get, so if you’re playing just to get through, you can ignore the 1st and 3rd gem you see.

The first thing you should do is get to the right wall. You’ll need to move sort of quick, otherwise the dog approaching on the left will catch you. Move up to the third row.

Step 1

To my left is a gem. It can be tough to get, if you’re having difficulty with the level, ignore that gem. Wait until the schnauzer is out of your way and then zip past him.


Here you see the gem that I skipped. The 2nd gem was on the path to get to where Pickpawcket is standing now. If you’ve gotten to this point you’re doing very well. Only one more tricky part to get past. By the way, the gem guarded by the bulldog in this screen is rather tough to get – ignore it.


Wait here until the top bulldog goes away. It won’t take long. Note: I’m right up against the wall. Schnauzers cannot see me here.


Schnauzers are rather blind dogs. They can’t see you up against the wall. Stand here and wait for the schnauzer to get past you. Your target will be the disguise and painting when he passes you. You have plenty of time to get them at this point, but once you pick up the disguise move swiftly to make the best use of it.


The cat is disguised and has the painting. Hence the giant smile on his face. Use the disguise to get past the bulldog. After that you’re home free.


There is an exit on this wall! Don’t go back through the maze of dogs!


Skipping the gems, using no power-ups (except cat speed 1) and taking your time will net you a pretty respectable score of 1400 – 1500.



Grabbing the first gem of the level teaches an interesting maneuver. Even if the dog is staring directly at it you can grab it (just be sure to move away before the dog gets here or it’s game over!). Position the cat just underneath the line of sight a few tiles to the right of the wall. Then walk directly to the wall. The cat will change directions when he touches the wall but will not be seen by the dogs! This will save you a whole second!


The third gem involves using the television and then quickly moving up to grab it. I stand just under the yellow wet floor sign, tap the TV and then quickly zip around the mop to grab the gem. While it’s possible to do this without the “Cable Cat” power-ups, they certainly help!


Using these tips and playing rather risky (along with using my collection of power-ups) got me my highest score ever for this level:


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