Returning from Winter Vacation

Something I like about vacations is when I get back I’ll have a fresh new perspective on the game I’m working on. It’s like I get a hindsight preview. The game we’re working on now, codenamed ‘All In’, has benefited from this break.

So its official, I’m back to work and back to blogging regularly about our projects and what we’re facing. I hope you’ve been enjoying the read as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing.

Now that’s out of the way we finally have a schedule for ‘All In’, with clearly defined milestones. This week is finishing up the gameplay (as an example).

We’ve always put gameplay in the front of our development schedule because that’s the riskiest part! We need to tweak the game design and game screen art to perfection while we work on the rest of the bits and bobs that are required for games (menus, player profiles, sounds and other such fun stuff). Personally I put a few hours a day of playing the game while it’s in development, testing bugs and wondering what more can be done. I try to play like a few types of players (casual, hardcore, ADD and more) so I can see what other players would feel when they see our game. Don’t be afraid to say ‘this element is too confusing for this kind of player’ or ‘what the heck was I thinking when I put this in?!?’. I did both just today (which is part of the reason this blog is coming up late!).

Also on this week’s agenda is planning how we’ll leak out info about the game to our wonderful fans. Besides the potential name of the game since I just did that >.>

What do you work on once the prototype is approved?

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