Last week Loopycube did an entire about face and decided to make a different 3rd game than I was expecting. The day I’d normally blog about designing games was spent talking about this new idea.

Luckily, this new game is already approved by the higher ups and advancing very quickly. The old idea for the next game wasn’t bad, it’s just that the new one is potentially better. We love this new idea because it lets us fix player’s problems with our earlier games without removing the original for players who loved it (via updating the earlier one).

What this means to me as a game designer is I’ve got a lot of designing to do in a very short period of time, since we don’t want our dev team sitting around waiting for me.

How do you design a game in a hurry? The best I’ve come up with is ‘make it up as I go along’ and ‘reuse previous ideas’. Making it up will only get us so far, and will ensure a poor quality release. Instead of going that route, I’ve revisited comments and reviewed what the players were asking for. I’ve also borrowed from previous ideas for features that we didn’t include for one reason or another.

How would you ‘speed create’ on demand?

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2 Responses to U-Turns

  1. Adamans says:

    Your subject here is extremely timely for our shop. As we wait for Wind Up to pass through review at Apple we have launched into a one week fast track development for our Christmas game. At first it seemed crazy since WUR took since February to develop. But like you said, you end up borrowing a lot from experience and past projects. The project is on schedule. Sometimes I think it also shows us what we can do if we set our minds (and clocks to it)

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