Designer Diary: Introduction

Welcome to Loopycube’s Designer Diary. Every week a Loopycubian will be writing about what they tackled this week. Likely most of this series will be from my point of view and I’ll be talking about game design and how we transform games from vague ideas all the way through to the final product.

Since we’re very early into our 3rd project – so early in fact that what I’m working on today might not be the game players will get on their iPhone – it’s the perfect time to write about the project from beginning to end. Since we’re talking about our next game there may be exclusive screenshots, videos or tidbits on the game play that will only be found here. This is the blog for you to follow if you’re interested in our game, or in designing games.

Next Up: Harvesting game ideas and separating the good from the bad

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One Response to Designer Diary: Introduction

  1. John says:

    Sweet, I love seeing other developers doing this. Our has been very helpful for our team to get out the latest as well as keep our fans abreast with everything we are up too. I’m looking forward to the game ideas vetting topic of the next post!

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