Go Native! Asks about Hockey for a Week

Loopycube is hosting our very first event and giving away $50.00 in iTunes gift cards at the end of it! We will be hosting several events in the future – all with different themes of questions.

Open the map if you have the paid version of the game and tap the new hockey island to participate. If you don’t have the paid version… pick it up! There is a good chance of winning for each player!

The hockey island is available to play on today, and starting Monday January 24th we’ll be keeping track of the number of coconuts you earn on the hockey island, and the percent wins you have in there*! The top player in each of these categories will win an iTunes gift card.

“But Loopycube! I don’t know much about hockey – how am I supposed to win?” I hear you in the back. First of all… how can you not know much about hockey?! Secondly, it doesn’t matter. Like the rest of Go Native! this themed room isn’t about what you know, it’s about what you think others will answer. You do not need to know much about hockey at all to compete in this game.

Fret not, there will be more events like this with different subjects. Perhaps the next one will suit your taste more. It still doesn’t hurt to try and win.

Good luck to all our players out there!

*Please note – you have to have played a minimum of 10 games. Sorry for those of you who wanted to win one game and come away with 100% wins. It doesn’t work like that.

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