Go Native! has been updated – no download required

Go Native! has been updated – but you don’t have to download an update!

We’ve been hard at work with an update to Go Native! so that you will end up playing less with bots, more with humans, and with more humans at a time. Best of all, you can try these changes in the game right now, without having to download an update. That’s the magic of online games right there!

What has changed exactly?

In the original version of Go Native! launched last week, the Play Now button would always put you onto an island with a game about to start or still in the first couple of rounds. If that was not possible, a new island would be created and you would be placed there to start a new game. This ended up creating too many islands, often filled with few humans and lots of bots. It also made games with more than 8 players in them very rare. The main goal was to never keep you waiting long before starting a game.

As we observed how this system behaved in the real world, and the reaction of the players to it, we found a better way. One that would keep you waiting even less time to start playing, while favouring full games of 30 people, and as few bots needed as possible during quieter times.

We have changed the behaviour to favor fewer, more populated islands with lots of humans rather than many islands.  Now, when you hit the Play Now button, if an island with a game about to start or still in the first couple of rounds is found, you are placed there, as usual. However, if one is not found, you are placed onto the first island that isn’t full (currently we consider 30 players as being full, so that your vote still counts a lot).

You now almost always get to start playing right away, without waiting for bots to come in, and with more humans. If the game has progressed beyond the first few rounds, you are playing, contributing to the game results, winning coconuts, but your % wins score will not be affected since your chances of winning are lower. In such a “half-game”, you are having fun and are already setup to play immediately when the next one starts, and have all the chances of winning and increasing your % wins fair and square.

There’s one more ingredient that will also help create games with the full amount of humans and no bots: more humans that have Go Native! in their hands. We’re working on that very hard, and you can help too: tell your friends about it, Facebook it, review the App in the App Store, and of course, keep coming back, games with lots of humans are very fun and especially rewarding.

~Odi Kosmatos

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